Competence Route of Attainment in a Fabrication Trade (CRAFT)

There is a wide range of benefits to individual employers, the sector and the constructional steelwork industry as a whole from taking on apprentices/trainees. Yet there is no funding available to support employers through an appropriate apprenticeship program for those that require a bespoke training package as the funding is only available to those where high numbers of apprentices are available to attract the attention of training providers.

Some BCSA members have found it difficult to establish an appropriate training course and provider, other members have followed existing courses that are not the most suitable but are a ‘close fit’ which leaves them with an apprentice that needs further development in their steelwork fabrication role. The BCSA CRAFT Scheme can be used to develop specific skills for those new to the industry and provides information and techniques for internal training to meet a program developed by the industry.

CRAFT is only available to BCSA Member companies.

Industry developed and approved training

BCSA CRAFT Scheme is an industry developed and approved training program, which is able to offer demonstrable career opportunities to attract new entrants into the industry and can be used where no local training provider or facilities are available for the employer to assist with the development of the trainee. It can be used to establish internal practical training over a set period of time and it will provide an industry standard of competence that can be achieved through workplace coaching and validation.

What are the benefits of the CRAFT Scheme?

Apprenticeships are a great way to grow your business, especially with the use of the CRAFT scheme. This is because apprentices:

  • Enables SME employers to liaise with local schools to offer a training scheme that leads to good employment prospects
  • Apprentices are ‘work ready’, so they immediately provide a SME employer with an individual who can produce quality work, productively and safely
  • Help to build a stronger sense of teamwork by providing existing and more experienced employees with the opportunities to share and pass on their skills and knowledge
  • Enable progression planning to help address the issue of an ageing workforce
  • Contribute towards the ongoing quality of delivery by the company which results from having a competent and fully qualified workforce
  • Demonstrate a company’s commitment to training and the development of their workforce

What are the prerequisites for enrolling a trainee?

The prerequisite for enrolling a trainee on the course is that the employer will:

  • Employ the trainee for the duration of the training
  • Ensure both parties sign the Deed of Employment for Training
  • Identify the appropriate person to register as the BCSA/Lantra CRAFT Certificate Validator
  • Identify the appropriate person to coach the trainee in the workplace
  •  Induct the trainee into the health and safety policies of the company at the commencement of employment

Training Programme

The training will be delivered by the employer nominated fabrication or welding coach(es) using the training materials and workplace practical tests. The registered BCSA/Lantra CRAFT Validator will ensure the evidence required to meet the training modules is witnessed and confirmed when the required standard of workmanship has been achieved repeatedly.

Key Skills to be Attained

  • Able to work safely and minimise risk in steelwork activities
  • Identify hazards and address any appropriate solutions
  • Fabricate structural steelwork to company specific method statements

Find out more about the courses on offer

CRAFT Metal Decking Installer

The training modules are designed to help develop new people to the industry how to carry out the tasks safely and to the required standards. They will enable the trainee to become competent in installing metal decking, with some also becoming proficient at studwelding if the additional module is included.

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CRAFT Structural Steel Detailer

This CRAFT course is to develop those new to the industry or to up-skill someone that has shown a more technical aptitude. This is a two year apprentice programme using the CRAFT Modules to provide the learning material with guidance given from within the member company by internal coaches, and allows time for experience to be gained by the trainee.

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CRAFT Structural Steelwork Fabricator Welder

This modular based training course is for trainee fabricator welders. On successful completion of this training and validation a BCSA CRAFT Certificate as a fabricator welder will be awarded. This will demonstrate their competence to work within the constructional steelwork industry.

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CRAFT Surface Treatment

The learning modules will give guidance to those new to the industry on the preparation and protection of fabricated structural steelwork. To allow the trainee to become competent in the role, the training is expected to take at least 18 months to complete. This will allow time for the trainee to develop the experience along with the learning.

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