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What is RQSC for Bridgeworks?

RQSC for Bridgeworks was created in conjunction with the Highways Agency and has been mandated by them since 2001. With the introduction of the RQSC for Buildings to meet the requirements of the Building Safety Act, some of the questions have been updated in the assessment process and are based around the BuildUK Common Assessment Standards. The Building Safety Regulator is expecting industry to lead on how to demonstrate competency under the Building Safety Act.

Membership to BCSA is not mandatory to gain the RQSC Bridgework quality and competency badge, but by joining BCSA, you will gain many additional benefits and support, which can be found here.

By becoming a BCSA RQSC for Bridgeworks member your organisation can:

  • Demonstrate competence and capability
  • Improve client confidence and service
  • Meet the requirements to tender for projects for Highways England, Transport Scotland and Northern Ireland’s Department for Regional Development

Membership overview

The Register of Qualified Steelwork Contractors Scheme for Bridgeworks (RQSC) is open to any Steelwork Contractor who has a fabrication facility within the UK and European Union. In order to be registered for Bridgeworks, a company must present references for completed supply and erect contracts that include three bridgework contracts (or contracts of similar complexity) completed within the last three years.
The company must have manufactured in-house at least 75% of the steelwork for each of the three contracts. The contracts must have required materials and workmanship to recognised bridgework Standards. At least one of the contracts must generally have required thick plate welding such as the butt welding of S355J2 plate in a thickness of at least 40 mm. The company’s track record and the company’s systems, existing facilities and employed personnel will be used to establish its capability.

All steelwork contractor companies applying for Bridgeworks registration are required to undergo a technical assessment (visit to their Works) – an assessment visit is required every three years.
Capabilities are defined in terms of two primary criteria – Class and Category.

The Class gives guidance on the size of steelwork contract which the company has the financial and management resources to undertake.
When calculating a company’s Classification value annual turnover, net asset value, references (supply and erect steelwork contracts) and public liability insurance are taken into account.
If a project lasts longer than a year, the value is the proportion of the steelwork contract to be undertaken within a 12 month period. The Classification values attainable are shown below.

The Register categorizes its members by the type of bridgeworks steelwork that a company is assessed to undertake. Each applicant is independently assessed during a visit by reference to a range of competence criteria including technical and managerial. Companies can attain just one category, for one type of steelwork, or two or more.

A full list of member benefits can be accessed here. In addition to this, members will benefit from both the work BCSA undertakes for and on behalf of the steel construction industry.

The cost for Steelwork Contractor membership is related to a company’s turnover. It is based on the turnover figure for the fabrication and erection of structural steelwork.


  • 10 : up to £250,000
  • 9: up to £350,000
  • 8: up to £500,000
  • 7: up to £600,000
  • 6: up to £1,200,000
  • 5: up to £2,400,000
  • 4: up to £3,400,000
  • 3: up to £5,000,000
  • 2: up to £6,500,000
  • 1: up to £10,000,000
  • 0: more than £10,000,000

  • AS - Ancillary structures in steel associated with bridges, footbridges or sign gantries (eg. grillages, purpose-made temporary works)
  • BA - Bridges with stiffened complex platework (e.g. in decks, box girders or arch boxes)
  • CF - Complex footbridges
  • CM - Cable-supported bridges (eg. cable-stayed or suspension) and other major structures (eg. 100 meter span)
  • FB - Footbridges
  • FRF - Factory bridge refurbishment
  • MB - Moving bridges
  • PG - Bridges made principally from plate girders
  • RF - Bridge refurbishment
  • SG - Sign Gantries
  • SRF - On site bridge refurbishment
  • TW - Bridges made principally from trusswork
  • X - Unclassified

For more information on joining the RQSC for Bridgeworks, please contact:

Lorraine MacKinder

Membership Manager

Lorraine’s role is to provide membership administration to all members of BCSA. Lorraine is responsible for the RQSC Buildings and Bridgeworks assessment administration, new member administration, organisation of regional meetings, annual general meetings and in-house meetings. Lorraine has over 17 years experience as an administration manager and personal assistant.


Specialist Areas
  • Assessment
  • Administration
  • Member queries
  • New member enquiries
  • Meeting organisation

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