John Reid & Sons (Strucsteel) Limited

Building Categories

  • E Large span portals (over 30m)
  • F Medium/small span portals (up to 30m) and low rise buildings (up to 4 storeys)
  • G Medium rise buildings (from 5 to 15 storeys)
  • H Large span trusswork (over 20m)
  • K Towers and masts
  • N Large grandstands and stadia (over 5000 persons)
  • S Lighter fabrications including fire escapes, ladders and catwalks

Bridgework Categories

  • AS Ancillary structures in steel associated with bridges,footbridges or sign gantries (eg grillages,purpose-made temporary works)
  • BA Bridges with stiffened complex platework
  • FB Footbridges
  • MB Moving bridges
  • PG Bridges made principally from plate girders
  • TW Bridges made principally from trusswork

Guide Contract Value

above £10,000,000

Company Accreditations

  • QM - BS EN ISO 9001
  • EM - BS EN ISO14001
  • HSM - BS EN ISO 45001
  • WQMS-C - BS EN ISO 3834-2

3 Reid Street


BH23 2BT





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